Based in the small, dusty junction town of Creedmoor, Texas (population 202) the creative duo Known as Alien Knife Fight craft their sound at all hours in their big, old 1930's era house/home studio, situated on 3.6 acres that they call Big Bottom Farm.

Bassist/vocalist Monique Ortiz has been performing in duos for over 25 years. Her first notable duo project, Bourbon Princess (1997), lead to over a decade of collaboration and with members of the band Morphine, drummer Jerome Deupree and saxophonist Dana Colley. Shortly after, Dana and Monique, along with Trinary System drummer Larry Dersch, formed A.K.A.C.O.D.. Over the past two decades Monique has made a name for herself as an innovative and unconventional fretless and slide bassist, as well as a dynamic vocalist, and prolific song writer.

In 2010, after being embedded in Boston’s indie rock scene for 14 years, Monique moved to Austin, and met multi-instrumentalist /producer/engineer Michael Howard. Michael was playing bass in a local stoner rock band, Bay Of Pigs, at that time. There was instant chemistry between the two, and it wasn’t long before Monique moved into Mike’s large fixer-upper and they began jamming and recording together, with Mike on drums instead of bass. Friends encouraged them to take their duo out into the Austin music scene and by 2011 they were performing under the name Alien Knife Fight.

In late 2016 Monique and Mike began working with producer, ex-Melvins bassist Mark Deutrom on their EP “Some Girls”, which was followed by a west coast tour with punk blues one-man-band Scott H Biram. They duo received a positive response from the media and audiences during that tour.

Currently Mike and Monique are working on new material and hope to get back on the road soon. Until then, you’ll have to come to Texas to see them.






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Some Girls EP

by Alien Knife Fight

Monique Ortiz- vocals, 2-string slide bass, fretless bass.

Michael Howard- Drums, percussion.



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For personal and political reasons we are not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We realize that bands and artists are expected to be in all of these places, but to be active on any of those sites is to say that all of their nefarious activities don't matter. It gives them a free pass. From my perspective much of social media is doing far more harm than good to society, culture, and democracy. Many of you are addicted and will never jump off no matter how much they use you, no matter how bad things get, and that's no coincidence. That end goal was engineered into those platforms from the very beginning. We realize this move may hurt our following and exposure, but we strongly feel that doing the right thing takes priority over feeding our egos or promoting a culture of apathy, sociopathy and narcissism. Humanity did quite well before the advent of social media, and was arguably, happier overall. It is our hope that you aren't one of those people that can't be bothered to venture anywhere off of Mark Zuckerberg's Skinner Box to find out when and where your favorite bands are playing. Over the coming weeks we will be modifying this website, adding additional pages with in-depth information on me and Mike (separate bios), and a blog/photo feed. We're just a couple of middle-aged artists. We have no illusions about becoming big, famous rock stars. We just want to do what we love, hopefully do some touring, keep our few followers and supporters in the know, and feel good about it. We appreciate your understanding, patience, and support. Thank you for listening! New record and videos coming soon! 

-Monique Ortiz